I can’t believe this is finally all happening. It seems like it was so much build up, worry and anticipation that it is hard to believe that I am actually physically experiencing training week of my Otesha cycling and performing tour right now. What? Those things don’t sound like they go together? Believe me, I didn’t think so at first either, but now it seems silly to not have realized what a good fit they are together!

I’m still so emotional, but definitely in a good way. Emotional excitement and happiness that I am here doing something that I set out to do. That I’m following through on something that I decided to focus on. Maybe that’s what I’ve learned about myself this summer. That I need to give my whole body, mind and self to whatever I’m trying to figure out or accomplish in order to feel like my momentum is moving in positive direction. I like big ideas and plans. I definitely feel right now that I am a part of something bigger than me. It feels like this is something I want to be an essential piece of.

Just being surrounded by fun, enthusiastic, excited people that have many of the same values that I do is an extremely good feeling. Right now, still at training week in Kitchener, Ontario, I can’t even fathom a better way for me to be spending my time right now. The constant activity, learning, sharing and reflecting is exactly the type of thing that feels right for me right now.

My biggest reservation/hesitation was about the actual biking itself. Not to say that those qualms have been completely quelled, but I am certainly placing myself on the more positive spectrum of things since our first 30km group ride. The pace was excellent, the scenery rolled by and it was honestly really fun to be communicating with 7 others as we rode along country and city roads, clad in our spandex and bitchin’ reflective vests. I felt more empowered than the defeated feeling I had envisioned occurring, increasingly amped to pedal more and see more fall scenes of the province.

The inspiration I have gathered so far from those that I have met is overwhelming. The facilitators, I dare say, are potentially the best people imaginable for the presence and guidance they are bringing to this week. The Olumni chef volunteers are a vegan, local, sustainable food creativity inspiration; the members of my tour and the water themed tour have been a pretty solid group of people to go through all this with. Can’t wait to continue this unique experience and keep the good vibes high!

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One Response to Otesha!

  1. Dana says:

    Really proud of you Meg!

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